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Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2011

Dior Haul Aurora Bronzer Summer LE

Hi beauties,
finally I got this beautiful bronzer from the 2011 Dior Summer LE. I am in love with it. It gives a very nice subtle glow and is not too orange. I think this will be my favourite for this years bronzer season!!

Do you own it, what do you think about this gorgeous pattern and its glow?


Samstag, 25. Juni 2011

EOTD Mac Mega Metal

Hi Ladies,
I am in a Mega Metal Mania at the moment :-) I just love the texture and brilliant colour payoff of these.

Products used:
- Sans Soucis e/s base
- NYX jumbo pencil "milk" (as an additional base on the lid)
- MAC mega metal shadow "sex-spectations" LE (crease + lower lash line)
- MAC mega metal shadow "top of the posh" LE ( lid + lower lash line)
- MAC pearlglide liner "designer purple" LE (eyeliner)
- Basic volume waterproof mascara
- P2 brow powder


Freitag, 24. Juni 2011

FOTD fresh n' fruity colour blocking

Hi Beauties
As I promised I will come up with some colourful looks again.
For the pics here I combined my colourful eye make-up with YSL "fuchsia innocent" Rouge Pur Couture lipstick. As I had to go to the supermarket I swiped it off and put MAC "ever hip" on to not shock my neighborhood too much :-))

Products used:
- Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation
- Clinique line smoothing concealer
- Chanel Poudre Universelle
- MAC MSF "give me sun" (used as a bronzer)
- MAC cream colour base "virgin isle" (cheeks)
- MAC sheertone shimmer blush "spaced out" LE

- Nars smudgeproof e/s base
- MAC e/s "vanilla"
- MAC mega metal e/s "dalliance" LE
- MAC mega metal e/s "paparazz-she" LE
- Artdeco soft eyeliner waterproof Nr. 19 (waterline)
- MUFE aqua cream shadow Nr. 22 (eyeliner and lower lash line)

- YSL rouge pur couture "fuchsia innocent" (for the blog)
- MAC "ever hip" (for the street :-)


Haul and Review Guerlain Foundation, Clinique Concealer and Chanel Powder

Hi Beauties
yesterday I was out for shopping. I planned to try a new foundation, Guerlain Lingerie de Peau. I heard a lot of good things about it so I definitively had to try it. Same about the Chanel Poudre Universelle. You can never own too much powder, no? :-))
I also tried the Clinique line smoothing concealer in the shop and was amazed by its coverage and finish under the eyes so this had to be mine too!

03 naturel beige matches my actual skin tone perfectly

I made a pic without any make up, so don't get shocked, my skin looks crazy in summer, freckles all over and at the moment I have some redness too, so foundation is a must now.

no make up at all

with Guerlain Lingerie de Peau and Clinique Concealer

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau, Clinique Concealer and Chanel Poudre Universelle

Why I love Guerlain Lingerie de Peau:
- it ist lightweight and feels like silk on the skin
- it gives a good and natural coverage without looking cakey
- the colour 03 matches perfectly and is not too yellow
- it gives a nice satiny glow without looking greasy
- it looks still perfect after 8 hrs
 So, I give it 10 from 10 points and I consider it to be the best foundation I have tried yet!

Why I love Chanel Poudre Universelle:
- it is extremely fine milled
- you get a huge amount for your money
- the included puff is a good one
- it gives skin a silky look and hides large pores very well (of course they don't disappear completely)
- it gives a satiny mat finish four hours 
Here the same, 10 from 10 points!

Why I love Clinique line smoothing concealer:
- you get a great amount for your money
- it is easy to apply
- gives great coverage without emphasizing fine lines (I have a lot of these :-)
- gives your under eye area a slight glow
- stays in place four hours
- non drying
10 from 10 points of course!!

So, I spent a lot of money yesterday but I think some products are worth their price, especially foundations in the high end area provide a lot more benefits than drugstore products.
Of course it depends on your skin, if you have porcelain skin and if you are 19 everything looks good but when you skin is 30, has freckels, some large pores, you need a really good matching product.


Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2011

NOTD Essie "sand of a beach"

I love this colour, nude, matches to everything, with a beautiful duochrome pink shimmer....
I bought it last year as it was reduced and it turned out to be one of my favourite everyday polishes!

Dior meets MNY

Hi Ladies
Only a simple office look today :-) the next days I will come up with some more colourful styles, yeehaa!
I used:
- Dior e/s duo "nude look"
- MNY e/s 122A from I am a Bikini babe LE
- MAC fluidline blacktrack
- Basic volume waterproof mascara

I was in a hurry as every morning before work :-)


Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

FOTD and NOTD red lips red nails + my favourite necklace :-)

Hi Ladies,
today I was in a mood for a classy make-up. Red lips and red nails. I kept the eyes quite nude, just Mac's rich ground fluidline, Mac vanilla e/s and 3 coats of Basic Volume waterproof mascara.
The lipstik is from Catrice's Moisture Line "luxury red".
Manhattan's Lotus Effect nail polishes are greatly pigmented and I need only one coat of this red for a perfect nail. See Nr. on the pic! Have fun!

Necklace: Konplott   
Have a nice evening!


Montag, 13. Juni 2011

EOTD Alverde Quad "Kathrin" Nr.318 LE

Hallo Ihr Lieben,
zu allererst wünsche ich Euch schöne Pfingsten, hoffentlich ist bei Euch schöneres Wetter...
Was macht man also an einem grauen, bewölkten Pfingstmontag?? SchminkiSchminkiii!!! Wir haben heute einen faulen Tag daher habe ich Zeit mal die Alverde Lidschattenpalette "Kathrin" rauszukramen, habe sie noch nie benutzt. Frage mich grad warum, denn die Lidschatten sind traumhaft, geben super Farbe ab, sind matt und lassen sich dennoch gut verblenden.

Die Hauptdarsteller:

-Alverde Lischattenpalette "Kathrin"
- MNY "bikini babe LE" e/s 120A
- Artdeco Liquid Star Liner Nr. 32
- Essence Smoky Eyes Pencil
- Basic Super Volume Mascara waterproof
- MAC MSF Cheeky Bronze (ist zwar nur ein EOTD, aber den musste ich erwähnen weil es eins meiner liebsten MSF's ist!)

was noch:
- MAC "soft ochre" Paintpot als Lidschattenbasis
- MAC MSF Natural "medium natural" als Foundi-Ersatz
- Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer
- P2 Bauenpuder

Mit dieser Palette werde ich die nächste Zeit mehrere Experimente machen. Der einzige Ton, der mMn nicht so zu mir passt ist der hellblaue links unten..


FOTD another MNY "Bikini Babe LE" Look

Hi Ladies,
I did another look with the stuff from the actual MNY LE. This time I used the brown (122A) and beige (120A) e/s all over the upper lid and the lower lid and the blue eyeliner (127A) on the waterline as a pop of colour.
To darken the crease I used the darkest brown in my P2 brow powder set. The eyeliner on the upper Lid is Artdeco Liquid Star Liner No 16.

Here I put also a little of the blue/turquoise e/s in the inner third of the lower lash line

on the cheeks: MAC MSF "cheeky bronze" LE

On the lips: MAC ever hip l/s
Did you get something from the LE?

I am really in love especially with the e/s of this collection.


Freitag, 10. Juni 2011

EOTD MNY "I am a bikini babe" LE

Wohoo, I had to try the new stuff out and did a quick EOTD with the e/s and the eyeliner from the collection. The blue/turquoise colour 121A is all over the upper lid, 122A the bronzy-caramel colour on the lower lid, the highlight colour on the tearduct and browbone area and of course the blue eyelliner on the waterline. Hope you like it ! :-)


DM Haul MNY "I am a bikini babe" LE + Esprit Volume Mascara

Hi Ladies,
today I caught some e/s and a waterproof (!!) eyeliner from the actual LE from MNY. Esprit was 50% off so I decided to give the Volume Made to Measure waterproof Mascara a try.
MNY e/s 122A, 121A, 120A,  Eyeliner 127A, Esprit Volume Made to Measure waterproof Mascara

from l to r: 120A, 122A, 121A, eyeliner 127A (sorry, the swatches are not that good!)

bare eye

one coat Esprit Volume Made to Measure waterproof Mascara
The eyeshadows are soft and buttery and beautifully pigmented, also easy to blend. My favourite colour is the blue/turquoise one of course :-) The lightest colour is a beautyful golden beige highlight colour.
122A is like a piece of noisette chocolate ;-) bronzy caramel

The eyeliner is not too soft but applies well and is really waterproof. I took a shower after using it and was still there.

Well...the mascara.. As you can see, the result is a mess! The mascara has a kind of turning piece where you can control the volume you want to give your lashes. But there is no volume, only a lot of mascara on the brush and a big mess on your lashes. It is waterproof and stays in the shower but, if I get such a bad result I prefer taking off my make-up before showering :-)
Perhaps it gets better after it dries a little.. at least it was cheap, 2,95  Eur.


NOTD Essence "choose me"

Hi Ladies,
at the moment I am in a mood for turquoise :-) I love this nail polish due to its beautiful multi-sparkles.
It is the perfect summer colour! It is part of the permanent range.

I also love the small bottle, travel friendly and cute :-)


Freitag, 3. Juni 2011

FOTD Mac Lucky Tom Quad + Rich Ground Fluidline

Hallo Ihr Lieben,
heute mal auf Deutsch:-) Ich habe nach langer Zeit mal wieder das Lucky Tom Quad aus der Hello Kitty LE rausgekramt. Damals war mir Mac noch ziemlich neu und eine Freundin machte einen Termin zum Schminken mit den Hello Kitty Sachen aus.
Damals hat mich das Mac Virus gepackt und ich bin dran geblieben, mittlerweile hat sich schon ganz schön viel angehäuft :-)
In dem Lucky Tom Quad sind: creme royal, paradisco, stylin, lucky tom.
Am besten verarbeiten lässt sich creme royal. Stylin ist ein wunderschönes kühles Lila, aber sehr zickig im Auftrag.
Ich habe 2 verschiedene Looks mit der Palette gemacht, bei beiden habe ich genau die gleichen Produkte benutzt.
Außerdem bei beiden der Mac Fluidline "rich ground", toll um grüne Augen strahlen zu lassen, er sieht unspektakulär im Pott aus aber er zaubert immer das gewisse Etwas ins AMU.
Mac fluidline "rich ground"

Lucky Tom Quad
LOOK 1: 


Benutzte Produkte:
- P2 Perfect Face Base
- Diorskin Nude Foundation
- Dior Natural Glow Fresh Powder Make-up
- Illamasqua Powder Blusher "Excite"
- L'Oreal Glam Bronze 202 "harmonie brun"
- Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer

- Nars smudgeproof e/s base
- Mac Lucky Tom Quad
- Mac Vanilla e/s
- Mac fluidline "rich ground"
- Mac p/p "indianwood"
- BeYu Khol Liner 01 "black"
- P2 Brauenpuder und Brauengel

- Misslyn smooth l/l Nr. 135
- Chanel rouge allure extrait de gloss "insouciance"

Habt Ihr damal bei der Hello Kitty LE auch zugeschlagen? Ich finde ja, das war eine tolle LE!